As Canada’s largest university extends its global leadership in teaching and research, we work to strengthen some of the key financial pillars on which that vision is built – and to help provide a secure retirement for thousands of employees who’ve helped build it.

Established as a standalone corporation by the University of Toronto in 2000, UTAM invests funds according to objectives and guidelines set out by the university administration and Business Board, as well as U of T’s Pension Committee. In fulfilling this mandate, we typically don’t make direct investments in traded securities. Rather, UTAM follows what is known in the investment industry as a manager of managers approach. We select investment managers that we believe are best in class and then evaluate their performance against potential risk and expected returns, in an assessment process framed by our commitment to responsible investing.

UTAM focuses exclusively on investing university-owned assets. Our purpose is clear: to serve as a strategic and disciplined manager, realizing the highest possible returns while respecting our client’s risk tolerance, policy constraints and guiding values. Working in close collaboration with the U of T administration and the university’s Investment Committee, we manage the University’s Pension assets, certain Endowment Assets (LTCAP), and a short-term working capital pool (EFIP).